Rik van Noord

About me


My name is Rik van Noord and I'm a Postdoc at the Computational Linguistics department at the University of Groningen. My work is part of the MaCoCu project, mostly in collaboration with Antonio Toral. Previously, I was a PhD-student and Postdoc in the Parallel Meaning Bank project.

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Short bio

2021 - 2023 Postdoc in the MaCoCu project, University of Groningen
2020 - 2021 Postdoc in the Parallel Meaning Bank project, University of Groningen
2016 - 2020 PhD in Computational Semantics, University of Groningen (cum laude)
2013 - 2016 Master HMC (Language track), University of Groningen (cum laude)
2010 - 2013 Bachelor Artificial Intelligence, University of Groningen ("with pleasure")


I did my PhD in the Parallel Meaning Bank project, in which we created parallel corpora with semantic representations for four different languages. I extensively used this data in my PhD thesis on character-based neural methods for semantic parsing. We showed that character-level models obtained impressive performance for both AMR parsing as well as DRS parsing. In follow-up work, we showed that the model can be improved by exploiting linguistic information. More recently, we showed that character-level features still improve DRS parsing in the era of BERT, as outlined in our EMNLP 2020 paper. The full thesis is publicly available.

Currently, I'm a Postdoc in the MaCoCu project. This project focuses on collecting monolingual and parallel data from the internet, especially for under-resourced European languages. Specifically, my tasks include classyfing documents in a specific Digital Service Infrastructure, training language models and machine translation systems on the collected data and running human evaluation experiments.



Jun Attended LREC
Jun Presented poster at CLIN32
May Presented poster and co-organized NITS 2022
May Paper accepted at BUCC (LREC)
May Two papers accepted at EAMT 2022
Apr First release of MaCoCu data
Mar Part of organizing NITS 2022


Dec Presented the MaCoCu project in RUG RG
Sep Teaching Master course Learning from Data for two months
Aug Started 2-year position as Postdoc in the MaCoCu project
Aug Attended and co-presented poster at ACL 2021
Jul Invited talk at the MLT group of DFKI
May Officially obtained PhD degree!
May Paper on Chinese DRS parsing accepted to ACL
Apr PhD thesis publicly available
Mar Member of the IWCS program committee


Dec Presented at CLCG Linguistic Lunch
Nov Attending and presenting at EMNLP 2020
Oct Start of 1-year postdoc at University of Groningen
Oct PhD-thesis accepted! Committee: Michael Biehl, Anette Frank and Mirella Lapata
Sep Paper accepted at EMNLP about combining characters and BERT in DRS parsing
Aug Sent in PhD thesis to reading committee
Feb "Fair is better than sensational" paper published as CL squib
Jan Presented at CLIN30


Dec Co-editor of Volume 9 of the CLIN Journal
Nov Updated version of our "Fair is better than sensational" paper on arXiv
Aug Attended and presented a poster at ACL 2019
May Attended and presented at IWCS 2019
May Published DRS parsing Shared Task overview paper
May Published DRS parsing Shared Task participation paper
May Published IWCS short paper on Linguistic Information in Neural DRS parsing
Apr Participated in the First Shared Task on DRS parsing
Feb Paper published at TACL about Neural DRS parsing
Jan Presented at CLIN29 in Groningen


Oct Paper accepted in the TACL journal on Neural DRS Parsing
Oct Started organizing the IWCS 2019 Shared Task on semantic parsing
Sep Started organizing CLIN29 in Groningen
Jul Reviewed for EMNLP 2018
Jun Attented TABU Dag 2018
Jun Partcipated (with Master students) at the PAN shared task on Author Profiling
Jun Published paper at SemEval 2018 (with Master students)
May Attended and presented at LREC 2018, Miyazaki
Apr Invited research visit (week) at Computational Linguistics department of Saarland University
Feb Participated in SemEval 2018 Task 1: Affect in Tweets (with Master students)
Jan Co-reviewed for NAACL 2018 with Antonio Toral
Jan Attended CLIN 2018


Dec LREC 2018 paper accepted (co-author) about normalization categories
Dec LREC 2018 paper accepted on Evaluating Scoped Meaning Representations
Nov Invited talk at Peregrine User Meeting
Nov Redesigned Computational Linguistics part of RUG website
Oct Published paper SemDeep (IWCS workshop)
Oct Published paper in CLIN 2017 journal on neural AMR parsing
Aug Published paper + poster presentation at SemEval 2017 about neural AMR parsing
Aug Attended ACL 2017 in Vancouver
Jun Co-organizer of TABU Dag 2017 conference
Apr Published paper about PMB in EACL (co-author)
Mar Reviewed for SemEval 2017
Feb Presented at CLIN 2017
Jan Partcipated in SemEval 2017 Task 9: AMR parsing


Nov Published and presented Master's thesis at BNAIC 2016 (best paper award)
Sep Started PhD in Computational Semantics at University of Groningen


Feb Published paper at CLIN 2015 about modelling the English past tense
Feb Presented research project at CLIN 2015